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The Parent Booster Club as well as West Jordan High School thanks and recommends GENCOMM to any school, business or group that is searching for quality audio, video and communication technology.  Their professional staff was very pleasant to work with and made the job for our booster group a huge success and stress-free.  Thanks GENCOMM!

DeAnn P. Backus - WJHS Board Chair

Each and every member of the General Communications team are dedicated and accommodating; among the numerous A/V vendors utilized by the Court; General Communications is easily one of the most professional and pleasant to deal with. I would consider General Communications in the top-tier for A/V design and installation services and would not hesitate to utilize them again when necessary.

John Cramer - U.S. District Courts

The on-site installation staff were the best I have ever worked with on a courtroom audio/video project and one of the best of any type project I have been involved with. Shane, Wade, Ryan, Andrew, Kaze and Tyler not only did exceptional work on the installation, but every one of them were very enjoyable to be around.

Robert Henry III - Northern MS District Court

General Communications staffs are professionals and one of the most accommodating of our audio/multimedia system integration vendors, and certainly one of the most pleasant to deal with. Given the extreme difficulty of any vendor’s business to survive in this political environment and when a company consistently excels, I would consider General Communications in the top-tier for audio/multimedia integration and would not hesitate to utilize them again if the need arose.

Wes Simms - Washington, D.C.

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