Education Technology

Tools That Improve K-12 Learning

It’s important that schools are outfitted with the latest technologies to give teachers access to modern capabilities while giving students an advantage. Educators and school technology professionals face the challenge of providing top technology solutions while considering their budget limitations.

GENCOMM is experienced in helping school districts design, install, and manage their audio and visual solutions in all areas of the education field. Whether building new spaces or refreshing existing spaces, GENCOMM’s long-term technology planning helps schools map out a strategy that considers current needs as well as managing ongoing upgrades in an affordable way.

GENCOMM can help schools:

Create audio visual systems in libraries, gyms, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, classrooms and more
Integrate quality emergency communication intercom systems to give clear instructions during an emergency to keep students, educators, and staff safe at both the school and district level
Install video scoreboards to support sporting events as well as all other school activities and to display digital media to engage and inform any campus audience
Design interactive classrooms to support hands-on learning

The benefits of partnering with GENCOMM include cost savings, simplified solutions, and dependable technologies that give students the best possible educational experience.

GENCOMM provides:

Competitive pricing on quality solutions
Expert engineering and programming
Planning and design services specific to schools
Outstanding service, support, and maintenance

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Degreed Engineers On Staff

Our Systems Engineer has a Master’s Degree from USC.  One of the top-ranked universities for engineering.

Unparallelled Customer Service

We boast of 6 full-time technicians, each with decades of experience, ready to serve you! We do our best to make it out to your location within 24 hours.

Leasing Options

Our leasing options offer you the technology you require while meeting cash flow needs. Our services and products can be in one monthly payment.

Custom Solutions

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” options. Our solutions are customized to help your business succeed for a better ROI.

Ongoing Training

Because technology is constantly changing, we believe that keeping our staff certifications updated is important through regular training.

Professional Installation

All of our technicians are certified professionals with years of experience. We even offer training on the products after installation is done.

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