“There’s serious value to the business by having a good, quality AV system“

Clyde Companies

Clyde Companies, Inc. is an administrative agency that supports the needs of five subsidiary organizations (W.W. Clyde & Co., Sunroc Corporation, Geneva Rock Products, Sunroc Building Materials, and Beehive Insurance Agency) that span the construction, building materials and insurance industries.

Clyde Companies came to GENCOMM™ to help solve the audio and video issues in their corporate headquarters. The systems that were installed, often failed to work, lacked the quality they were looking for, and were a hindrance to their organization. The IT staff found themselves spending a great deal of time on solving audio-visual issues rather than working on their primary duties.

GENCOMM™ created a networked-based audio-visual system that, first of all works. Secondly, the audio-visual system at Clyde Companies is a centralized system that now can be remotely monitored and managed making it much simpler for the IT staff to maintain these systems. Their time is now being spent on their primary duties and not on the audio-visual technology!

Since completing the Clyde Companies headquarters, GENCOMM™ has also designed and installed the audio-visual technology in the new W.W. Clyde building in Orem, UT.


Communication Friction

The old system at Clyde Companies hindered communication rather than fostering it. The microphones often would not work and when they did there was so much interference that it was hard to understand what was being said. Large company meetings were almost impossible and it was frustrating to upper management.

With the new GENCOMM™ system the company can now use their spaces as intended. The technology fosters free flowing communication, allowing the company to collaborate and excel.

Technology Confusion

With the variety of technology options on the market GENCOMM™ was able to work with the Clyde Companies IT team to identify what best met the needs of their organization. This helped the IT team at Clyde Companies to sift through all the options and make the right decision before it was presented to upper management.

Cultural Misalignment

Clyde Companies is a well-established and respected company in the community. Serving as the Springville Mayor and past Board Chair of the Salt Lake Chamber, Wilford Clyde is a well-known member of the community. It frustrated him that the technology in his building did not adequately reflect the reputation of the company or Clyde brand they had built.

Having the new GENCOMM™ audio-visual system in their space, Clyde Companies feels proud to invite people to visit and hold meetings; the system now reflects the pride and reputation they have in their brand.

Measurable ROI

Clyde Companies could not hold effective meetings in their spaces, prior to implementing the GENCOMM™ solution. The time people would spend in meetings was mostly wasted and just an expense to the company. With a new audio-visual system that just works the company can now hold effective meetings and collaborate with people in and out of the building. This is generating real ROI as they continue to grow and thrive.

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