Entrata needed an audio visual solution and technology plan. Gencomm delivered.


Founded in 2003 as Property Solutions, Entrata was created to deliver an innovative way to simplify the property management processes through websites and software platforms. The founders won several small business competitions that allowed them to financially jump-start and completely bootstrap the business from its early beginning. Property Solutions was responsible for bringing online credit card payments to the online property manager’s websites. From their very simple beginnings working out of a garage, later moving to a very small office space next to a food catering business, and now having a new 4 story office building in the heart of Lehi, UT’s tech hub; Entrata has worked to achieve every bit of success along the way. They have processed over 1 billion dollars in online payments, have over $100 million in annual recurring revenue and have been featured by Forbes and Tech Crunch. Even though they work in a traditional industry, they are not afraid to shake things up if it means doing things better. They recently released a new resident portal app that has continued to revolutionize and change their industry.

Entrata came to GENCOMM™ as they were preparing to build and move their corporate headquarters in Lehi, UT. Entrata didn’t have much more than displays and simple AV solutions in their previous space. They wanted to integrate technology that would allow them to take the next step in their office space. Improved collaboration in conference rooms, flexibility and scalability to fit their growing and changing workspace, seamless communication and branding efforts deployed through a digital signage platform, NOC wall with control system, and robust networked audio throughout the entire building.

GENCOMM™ took all the wants, wishes and needs presented by Entrata and created them not only a networked audio-visual solution but also a technology plan that would meet their needs in the future. This networked and centrally managed system allows their IT team to manage all the displays, content devices, and even the functions of each room, remotely. Being customized to their specific needs, the technology implemented in their new building is a big part of their culture and growth.


Communication Friction

Entrata’s space new building is designed with many different types of working spaces. The building includes; open office space, huddle rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, a large break room that includes a cafeteria and gaming area, gym, user-experience lab, roof top deck and retail area. It was vital to have a networked system that would work in and enhance each area of their building. The networked system designed and implemented by GENCOMM™ allows for centralized management and flexibility to share audio or video content anywhere at any time throughout their office space, thus leveraging the space in any way they may need. All user-interfaces were programmed and themed to be consistent with corporate colors, logos and functionality.

Technology Confusion

GENCOMM™ worked hand in hand with the IT team at Entrata to select the right technology for their new building. A tremendous amount of fact finding was conducted across departments to get a real feel as to what was expected from all end-users. Though in-house demos, trade show attendance and GENCOMM’s industry experience the consultative sales process led to the decision of specific technology that fit the required needs.

Cultural Misalignment

Company culture is a building block for success at Entrata. They always look to improve upon the way they conduct business in their own industry and their office space reflects that same outlook. They are constantly improving and making the space more technologically functional to drive the tech culture within the company.

Measurable ROI
  • Roadmap to future funding
  • Overhead expense scaleability
  • Technology is not driving ROI

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