Long Range RF Receiver


Our Long Range (LR) Receiver is ideal for large venues including exhibits halls, conference centers and auditoriums.

Employing radio frequency technology, the LR receiver will collect responses from up to 1,000 ResponceCards at ranges of 400 ft (800 ft coverage).

The LR easily, instantly and accurately collects responses for interactive presentations.



DimensionsL 1.6″ W x 3.25″ L x 1.0″ H

Unit Weight: 2.0 oz



400 ft (800 ft coverage)

Choose from up to 82 radio frequency channels for simultaneous polling.


Power and Power Management

Powered by USB port



Easy to read LEDs for status and response traffic



1,000 ResponseCards per (1) LR Receiver


Software Compatibility

PC Products: TurnungPoint 5.0, TurningPoint 4.5, TurningPoint Anywhere 3.2, TurningKey 1.4, RemotePoll 1.5

MAC Products: TurningPoint 5.0, TurningPoint Anywhere 3.1, TurningKey 1.3


Input Device Compatibility

ResponseCard RF

ResponseCard RF LCD

ResponseCard NXT

ResponseCard XR




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