Workspace International software Kit


  • The WorkSpace International Software Kit comes with a with foreign language Keyboard (including Spanish, French, and German)

Transform everyday instruction into a truly interactive learning experience. WorkSpace provides the opportunity to create, assemble and present lesson content on interactive whiteboards. An open design allows educators to control, annotate and interact with instructional materials in multiple formats, including web resources and publisher content.

  • Over 65 interactive tools available to enrich the learning experience, focus on specific lesson points and highlight critical content.
  • Access more than 4,000 teaching resources in a library of images, animation and complete, interactive lessons
  • Annotation tools and advanced recognition features convert handwritten text and equations into more legible, digital content, ideal for math and science courses
  • Recording capabilities record events with sound for distribution to individual, homebound students or online posting for extended outreach


Turn an iPad ® or Android™ tablet into a mobile interactive whiteboard. With the WorkSpace Connect app, educators can remotely control desktops, access instructional materials and annotate over content from anywhere in the room. Mobi View interactive whiteboard is a handheld alternative with the same teacher control to WorkSpace software.


Create a unique hands-on learning environment by combining WorkSpace with leading DualBoard or Touch Board Plus whiteboards and popular Mobi Learner student whiteboard devices. Add Mobi Learners and allow up to nine students or groups the ability to participate, collaborate and share content with the rest of the class.


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