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Gencomm Managed Services

This subscription service provides device monitoring for all edge devices, alerting agents of any issues within seconds of the issue. This will provide peace of mind as it will ensure the system is fully functional at all times. This service includes periodic updates to the latest features, maintenance, and service that can be used for: remote on-call support, touch panel modifications, programming and automation modifications, on-site maintenance (Excluding travel), end user training, or generating training materials. The goal is to have this system be as useful as possible, evolving with the company to exceed their needs. As the company and those that use the system change, the system can easily be adapted. When changes occur or new personnel are using the system. GENCOMM will train on the system to ensure the functionality is clear and easy to use. Where needed, GENCOMM can be contacted for rapid response, remotely able to support concerns that arise, or when required, send a support agent on-site.
This ultimately changes the relationship into a partnership where we can both work together to ensure success.
*Internet access is required but can be on a separate VLAN (does not need access to building LAN)*

Included Services:

  • Client alerting (can send emails, or a message to Slack, Teams, or Google Chat)
  • GENCOMM NOC alerting
  • Remote support
  • On-site maintenance (Excluding travel)
  • Service that can be used on:
    • Remote rapid response service
    • Touch panel modifications
    • Programming modifications
    • On-site service (Excluding travel)
    • User training

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