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Creating roadmaps

To technology Freedom

  • In need of a technology roadmap to remove the stress of not knowing the cost of the future?
  • Is your technology keeping up with the fast paced, highly productive corporate culture?
  • Is the technology in your organization a catalyst to growth?
  • Is the technology in your company getting the ROI expected?

Experience the Difference


10 Year Mistake

Protech Marketing is awarded the “Outstanding Manufacturers Representative of the Year 2017” by Gencomm. This award was given to Protech because of their valued partnership and continued support in engineering and sales; they represent their brands effectively; they stay current and provide timely information on all product lines they represent; their team is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient; Protech understands Gencomm’s business as if it is their own. Congratulations to Protech.

2019 Utah

Business & Technology Summit

The 2019 Utah Business and Technology Summit sponsored by Gencomm was a tremendous success. There were over 30 manufactures representative and over 150 attendees.

Some comments from the those who attended are:

  • “I enjoyed seeing some of the new technology out there”
  • “Enjoyed the training, lunch and vendors”
  • “Was able to gain knowledge for future projects for conference rooms and offices”
  • “Wonderful conference”
  • “Thank You”