Corporate roadmaps

Company Culture that Make a Difference

Video technology is a part of nearly every aspect of work life today, including meetings, training, information distribution, connection with remote employees, operations management, and marketing.  Communications and presentation systems, and the ways in which those technologies connect with an organization’s network, can make or break an enterprise. Whether your business is expanding in an existing facility, or there are new construction plans in the works, take a close look at where and how audiovisual communications will fit into the blueprint.

You will ensure success by having an engineered technology roadmap designed specific to your company A/V and technology needs and eliminate the following pain points:

• Communication friction
• Technology confusion
• Cultural misalignment
• Measurable ROI

Companies look to GENCOMM when their AV is a hindrance, IT directors are unaware of scalable technology, and systems experience failure. In addition, companies turn to GENCOMM to help improve company culture, increase measurable ROI, and improve current technology for employees.

making life better for companies

Degreed Engineers On Staff

Our Systems Engineer has a Master’s Degree from USC.  One of the top-ranked universities for engineering.

Unparallelled Customer Service

We boast of 6 full-time technicians, each with decades of experience, ready to serve you! We do our best to make it out to your location within 24 hours.

Leasing Options

Our leasing options offer you the technology you require while meeting cash flow needs. Our services and products can be in one monthly payment.

Custom Solutions

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” options. Our solutions are customized to help your business succeed for a better ROI.

Ongoing Training

Because technology is constantly changing, we believe that keeping our staff certifications updated is important through regular training.

Professional Installation

All of our technicians are certified professionals with years of experience. We even offer training on the products after installation is done.

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